Mitsubishi Compressor Maps


I must first thank co-worker Garry McKissick (DaimlerChrysler small car platform powertrain engineer) for obtaining these maps with Mitsubishi Motor's concurrence to share it with the public.  If you appreciate this information being shared, please visit his web site and send him an email.  I realize these images are low resolution and dirty, I will clean them up and lay engine demand lines on them as time permits.  Jeff Lucius may beat me to the punch.


So we now have our stock turbo map (TD04-9B, previously released), a TD04-13G (popular upgrade), a stock DSM turbo (TD05-14B), and the TD05-small 16G.  Other maps such as the 15G & the big 16G can be found elsewhere.  Note that a TD05 vs TD05H etc. compressor housings would not change the efficiency islands.  TD05 vs TD06 on the other hand will influence efficiencies.











since August 7th, 2002


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