Tuning with the TMO Datalogger

How much does octane rating affect performance?  As you'll see with a simple back-to-back test at Milan Dragway with 15psi boost, my car experienced complete elimination of knock allowing full spark advance, less fuel, and more complete combustion with the higher octane fuel.  This section also covers the basics on knock and how to interpret a datalog.

Our AWD cars place high demands on our clutch (disc).  My car has made short order of a stock clutch (previous owner), two Centerforce clutches (previous owner), and now an RPS unit.  Here is what a slipping clutch looks like on the datalogger.
Datalog of my best quarter mile E.T. (12.236 @ 113.31 mph)
Datalog of my best trap speed (118.80 mph)
An interesting datalog of fellow Detroit 3SI member Rob Schoen's '91 R/T TT.  This datalog was taken on a cool December night as we experimented with higher and higher boost settings until we hit fuel cut.


As you can see, the TMO datalogger has been an extremely valuable tuning tool.  There are still improvements that Todd Day is working on (such as recording both O2 sensors) but for $300 it represents an excellent value.  I've seen and used other dataloggers (GM & Chrysler) that are more difficult to operate, cannot display real time graphs, as many channels, etc. and cost more!


Unfortunatly, the TMO datalogger only supports pre-OBDII cars, which means it will not work on '94+ Stealths/3000GTs.


I'm not affiliated with TMO in any way.  I just want to spread the word on what I feel is an excellent value.  For more information (including ordering instructions), visit: http://www.tmo.com/prod/datalog/datalogger.html





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