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Rear Alarm Switch (aftermarket or not?)  Answer is YES, thank you 3SI board!



Pic of my newly acquired viscous coupling (needed during 5 speed rebuild).


My new RPS clutch


64.5mm throttle body?  Who made it?


Pic of custom center caps for my 18x9" Enkei RP01 rims.


Engine bay detailing while the engine is out.


Shot of the port job before decking the head.





From top to bottom:
1) PST carbon fiber one piece @ 13 lbs
2) DynoTech aluminum/steel two piece @ 27 lbs
3) stock steel three piece @ 44 lbs

Others include the ACPT & PST carbon fiber two piece assemblies.



Ignition tester, $6.97 from Auto Zone.


Need the glove box cover (in blue).


Rheostat Question (installing gauges - Dim function?)



Stock C5 vs Stock 96 RTTT.mpg




 PowerStroke Intercooler, measuring 30 x 18 x 2" with 2 3/4" ID inlet & outlet.  The fins appear to be real efficient with lots of surface area.  Note, our front bumper has 32 1/2" between supports.







Pitroad M triple disc courtesy of Fierce


RPS carbon carbon courtesy of Pokey


Comparing the 18 spline (5 speed) transfer cases with and without the factory brace.



Some of my extra 5 speed parts.




A new Kormex 25 spline sleeve vs used-up sleeve.



ABS removal





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