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Favorite 3000GT / Stealth Sites:



The most popular 3000GT / Stealth site around featuring an active discussion board.

3000GT Online

A second 3SI website featuring among other things, the best 1/4 mile times for various 3SI cars.

Michigan 3SI

Michigan 3SI Chapter.  List of Michigan 3S owners and great for keeping track of local gatherings.

John Adams

John Adams outlines in great detail many service and restoration procedures on his '91 VR4.

Eric Bowden

For those of you into audio systems, you need to look no further then Eric's '93 RT.

Roger Gerl

Roger has been one of the most out-spoken and helpful 3SI members.  This autobahn driving Swiss has been through an engine rebuild, several dyno sessions, and is now adding more radical mods such as water injection, GT368 turbos, etc.

Jeff Lucius

Jeff has an excellent site on his mods (15G turbos with a tasteful .050" overbore) and the most comprehensive list of links to relevant technical information and other 3SI personal pages. 

Jose Soriano

Known as Amahoser's web site.  A professional site on his highly modified 1st gen twin turbo Stealth.  Check out his wicked front mount intercooler, GT368s turbos, etc.  Good racing info and pics of some fine 3SI cars.

Note:  There are literally 100s of 3SI personal sites.  An excellent listing can be found on Jeff Lucius's site.


Other Makes & Models Sites:

300Z A Nissan 300Z web site.  Includes a discussion board and members rides section.
Corvette Forum Excellent Discussion Forum for all Vette generations, C1 through C5, with an active Kill section.
Club DSM Web site featuring the Eclipse/Talon/Laser 2.0L power plants, including the AWD turbo rockets.  Good 1/4 mile time slip section and discussion forum.
F Bodies Camaro & Firebird site with links to everything imaginable including perhaps the best 1/4 mile time slip link. 

Supra Forums

4th gen Toyota Supra web site ('93 to '98).  Several serious rides call this site home.  Perhaps the most potent 3.0Ls on the web. 

Supra forums is a second "must visit" if you are interested in the Supra.  In addition to info on the Chicago chapter, Warren has a well visited discussion forum.

Turbo Buick Web site featuring the Buick Grand National and other Buick turbo V6s. 
Viper Club of America Decent site for the latest developments on the wicked Dodge Viper.  You can view the discussion board, but must be an owner to participate.


Other Friends & Family Sites:

Eric Dosenberger Some of Eric's toys including his lightly moded '96 Z28 Camaro, 454 powered Velocity boat with 70 mph top speed, and his Yamaha SRX 700 sled.
Mark Gonsowski My brother's homepage on his Heavy Metal band, Mis-Treat ED.  Includes some original sound clips.
Mike Mshar A friend's personal homepage including his '86 Buick Grand National.




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