Improvements during 2000 Calendar Year

While my car remained under the knife during the summer of 2000 (no engine under the hood), the "competition" improved.


Kevin's Vette became a serious contender with a healthy dose of power from a purpose built ARE (Agostino Racing Engines) 383.  There is also more to come with headers and a new cat back exhaust.  A little dyno tuning, possibly some slicks, and maybe even NOS (changes his mind day to day), and this car could become a certifiable rocket.  Looks were also improved with the addition of white Gran Sport rims.




Mike became the happy owner of a "black is beautiful" '86 Grand National during 2000.  And with nothing more than some good gas (to keep the engine happy at 18 psi boost) and slicks, ran well into the 12's with an essentially stock set-up (stock fuel system, turbo, intercooler, and internals).  We all know it doesn't take much for the old turbo Buick 3.8L to hang with the big boys, the question is, will Mike take it to the next level?



Owner & Vehicle 60 ft (seconds) 1/8 E.T. (seconds) 1/8 mile
1/4 E.T. (seconds) 1/4 mile
Date & Location Fastest
Trap (MPH)
 Date & Location
'94 Vette
2.047 8.269 94.12 12.460 117.97 Lapeer, 8/12/00 118.07 Lapeer, 8/12/00
Buick GN
1.936 8.294 87.80 12.829 107.59 Lapeer, 11/04/00 107.59 Lapeer, 11/04/00




since August 7th, 2002


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