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Daily drives don't have to be boring but they usually are.  The following car got me from A to B more than any car I've owned.  It's an '89 Shelby Dodge Daytona motivated by a 2.2L turbo and 5 speed Getrag trans.  This pic was taken the day after I brought it home (Nov. '96).  During its first night home, someone stole the stereo system (notice the broken hatch glass).  Car was repainted black fall of '98 and I sold it Jan. 2000 with ~145,000 miles on the clock (still running strong today at 15psi boost).



In December of '99 I purchased my current daily driver, a '92 Eagle Talon with a sweet 2.0L turbo mated to a 5 speed AWD drivetrain.




& For Fun . . .


I have had a fascination with automobiles since my early days at Michigan Technological University, spurred by my Uncle Jim's gift of his 1980 turbo Trans Am.  That car led to the purchase of a black '78 and later a red '76 Trans Am as I couldn't get enough of that Pontiac power.



The blue '80 at bottom is what started it all for me.  While the carbureted 301 cubic inch V8 with its single turbo wasn't regarded as one of Pontiac's finest, I was helplessly attached from day one.  The car is now undergoing a slow restoration.  As can be seen from the engine bay picture, it is far from new even though it only has 28,000 miles on the odometer.  These cars are quite rare, only being produced in 1980 & 1981 with most of the turbo engines being placed in the Pace Car or Special Edition Bandits.  This TA was also optioned with the desirable 4 wheel disc brakes.  


The black '78 Trans Am 400 automatic was purchased my last year at MTU.  I spent many $$ I didn't have to keep it going and had many a wild night testing out its performance.  Upon graduating and getting a real job, I freshened up the heads (#62 D ports), bottom end, new timing drive, swapped in an axle (replaced the 2.56 with a 3.42) and rebuilt the Holley carb.  I took it to the track only once and in two passes managed a 13.82 @ 99.4 mph.  It performed quite well but decided to sell it to help pay off my massive school loans.


The red '76 Trans Am was purchased at graduation as a present to myself and then resold soon after to again help pay off school loans.  The car was an extremely clean 400 4 speed car with a 3.23 rear.


I will always have a soft spot for the old F bodies.  I hope to own a '70 to '73 TA or Formula some day (RA 400, 455 H.O. or dare I say Super Duty 455).  The beautiful style and monstrous displacement make them my favorite muscle car.



By now you've noticed that I like turbos.  You've seen my 4, 6, and 8 cylinder turbos, the only one you haven't seen is my cat.  Meet Turbo, the fastest animal on four legs (or so she thinks).





since August 7th, 2002


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