1996 R/T TT Color Choices


From most common to least, we have . . .


Firestorm Red (19 total, VIN 2744 shown)


White Pearl (17 total, VIN 4970 shown, belongs to Francis Morice)


Emerald Green Pearl (8 total, VIN 4949 shown)


Olive Pearl (6 total, VIN 4961 shown)


Orchid Pearl (4 total, VIN 0007 shown, now owned by Chrysler Historic Services)


Symphonic Silver Metallic (3 total, VIN 1796 shown together with a couple other 3S beauties)


If you have good pics of any of the '96 R/T TTs, please send them to me along with the VIN# so I can make improvements to this page.






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