2nd Generation Stealth R/T TT Production

Sorted by Color


After confirming the 1995 numbers (one by one), I added them to the 1994 & 1996 data Mike Reid had gathered from CAPS and was able to sort by color as follows.  I added all production ('94 - '96) together and sorted the colors from least to most common.



As expected, the colors unique to 1996 are the rarest overall since few TTs were made that year.  It is also interesting that the most common second generation Stealth R/T TTs are the 1994 Pearl Yellow (Y99) examples which are often cited as being rare.  I guess it is all a matter of perspective, i.e. compare the '94 Pearl Yellow to just about any '92 R/T TT and it will look rare.  For instance, there were 1,319 red '92 R/T TT produced which is just shy of the total production of all 2nd gen Stealth R/T TTs added together (1,534).


The actual names assigned to each color code can be found below.  Note that the color's name sometimes changed year-to-year even though it was chemically identical to the previous year (same color code).  I opted to combine the silvers into one column (since H28 is similar to A26) and the same holds true for the whites (W29 similar to W75).  In both cases, the changeover from one color to the next occurred between 1994 and 1995 model year (speaking strictly for the TTs).  I felt they were similar enough to include in the same column, however, you could easily tell the colors apart with the cars side by side.  For those with a good eye, you may notice I used slightly different shades of silver and white in the graph above to help differentiate between the codes.



In '94 all cars had a dark gray dash with the option for "dark gray" or "light beige" interior trim (carpet & seats).  If your '94 was Jet Black or Grayish White Pearl, you could also order "bright red" interior trim.  In '95 all cars retained the dark gray dash but the interior trim choices were cut back to either "dark gray" or "light beige" for all colors except Silver Metallic which could only be ordered in "dark gray".  For '96, a black dash was introduced (replacing the dark gray dash) with options for either a "black" or "black/tan" interior except for Symphonic Silver Metallic cars which were limited to only a "black" interior.  The interior options discussed here apply to the US cars only, Canadians were very limited in what could be ordered ("dark gray" or nothing in '94 & '95).


Because this and other information was available, I decided to crunch the data further and separate out US vs Canadian spec Stealths and sort by interior colors.  Further sorting is possible in the form of US emissions (Federal vs California) and even by Customer Preferred Packages.  Since the chart below is already cluttered, I decided not to go any further.



Note:  The production #'s for 1994 were revised on 11/9/01 to correct an error.  Some of the cars previously thought to have light gray interiors were actually light beige.


The data can be looked at in many ways.  You can see that some of the exterior / interior color combinations are quite rare.  How about the bright red interior cars of which only 14 2nd gen Stealth R/T TTs were ordered (Jet Black & Grayish White Pearl cars from '94).  The light beige interiors were also rare with ~15% of the '94 R/T TTs, ~17% on '95 R/T TTs, and finally just over 1/3 of the '96 R/T TTs (black / tan interior).  And only a handful of those decided against upgrading to leather.  In fact, although not shown above, some of the cloth seat cars out there are one of a kind.  It also looks like Canadians really like green cars with more ordered than any other color (only 5th most popular 2nd gen R/T TT color in the US).


Eventually, I'd like to see this much detail for the 1st generation Stealth R/T TTs and perhaps the 3000GT VR-4s.  However, I don't plan on spending much more time on this task (for now), I've already spent too much time here and not enough under the hood of my '92.




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