Milan Dragway

MI3S Gathering, October 23, 2002


Track Elevation:  693 feet above sea level

Weather Conditions:  38 - 45F, ??% max humidity, & no wind


While the turn out was fairly small, there was still a lot of excitement over the prototype Clutch Master's metallic twin disc clutch found on Jeff Williamson's and Bob Witmer's cars.  I have no listing of times but instead a collection of video.  Jeff Williamson runs with GT357 turbos while Bob has a pair of GT355s.


(click on text to view movie)


Totaled Z28 on trailer (lost control ~150 ft out, tagged opponent and went over guard rail) (4.2 meg .wmv)


Bob Witmer's 12.026 timeslip with a 1.787 short time (actual shot of slip and car) (2.7 meg .wmv)


Jeff Williamson chasing a Supercharged Mustang but coming up short (2.3 meg .wmv)


Bob Witmer beating a ragtop LS1 Camaro (12.74 ET) (2.9 meg .wmv)


Joe Kenwabikise spinning all four off the line (1.9 meg .wmv)


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