Milan Dragway Import Shootout

3S mini-gathering, September 29, 2001


Track Elevation:  693 feet above sea level

Weather Conditions:  72F, ??% max humidity, & no wind

The annual Milan Dragway import shootout snuck up on most of us this year, thanks to Jeff VanOrsdal for reminding us the day before.  In all I counted 8 3S cars as shown below from two angles.




You can see some of the more recognizable cars were in attendance including Jeff's ESX and Rob Schoen's skunk striped TT.  Most of us made some passes amongst the many DSMs, Hondas, RX7s, WRXs, 300Zs etc.  Although I was racing most of the time I did walk the infield and saw the following:

Nearly all the RX7s made runs with most of them in the 14s but one did a best of 12.90 that I saw.  Same with the WRXs, nearly all of them ran with ETs ranging from 16s to a best of 13.6 (that moded WRX gave me a run but I came out on top).  Only a couple 300Z passes were witnessed but I cannot remember the times (not real impressive).  The track wasn't very well prepared and any car relying on only FWD or RWD suffered.  Even the AWD cars were breaking them loose trying to launch hard.


The best 3S time of the day was posted by Jeff Williamson in his red '92 VR-4 motivated by GT-357s to the tune of 12.45 @ 113.  Few cars posted 12 second time slips, Jeff's run was one of the best posted by any car (although there were some VW bugs running 11's, a FWD DSM hitting 11.9, a Mustang 5.0 with a 9.5! and others I'm sure I missed).  Here are two of Jeff's passes (note the impressive 60' times despite poor track conditions).


Jeff Williamson, '92 VR-4, GT357 turbos & supporting fuel system


60 ft (sec) 1/8 E.T. (sec) 1/8
1/4 E.T. (sec) 1/4
1.934 8.302 86.18 12.784 108.42 15.5 psi peak
1.863 8.043 84.59 12.456 113.01 16.2 psi peak, personal best to date


My new car, a '96 R/T TT, was introduced to the track for the first time.  I intend to keep the car 100% stock and just wanted to see what it would do.  Besides, it has been almost two years since I've piloted a car down the 1/4, I feared I may have forgotten how to launch and drive a real car.  I did remove the spare tire, otherwise, I ran it just as it came off the dealership floor + 1/2 tank of gas.  Despite less then impressive 60' times (fine line between roasting the stock clutch by letting out too slow and spinning all four by letting off too quick - slick track), I managed a couple 13.5 passes @ 101 with ~3,600 rpm launches as shown below.  Very pleased for a bone stock 3S, but there was still room for improvement in the launch.  More VHT at the starting line would have made my goal of 1.8 60fts a lot easier on stock size 245 tires.


Joe Gonsowski, '96 R/T TT, Bone Stock (spare tire removed & 1/2 tank gas)


Run, Time 60 ft (sec) 1/8 E.T. (sec) 1/8
1/4 E.T. (sec) 1/4
1)  10:50:29 2.217 8.958 80.78 13.814 101.34 Clutch slipped on launch due to slow release
2)  11:13:32 2.041 8.793 80.98 13.654 101.29 Same as 1)
3)  11:30:55 2.066 8.734 82.42 13.574 101.58 Broke tires loose on launch due to faster release
4)  11:50:47 2.078 8.823 79.52 13.698 99.29 Same as 3), shifting into 4th hurt trap
5)  12:43:17 1.965 8.645 80.05 13.506 101.11 Same as 3)

Good enough for five victories against 3 WRXs (one moded to run 13.6s), a moded AWD Talon (ran a 13.89 against me but fouled out with a .360 light on a .500 tree), and a fellow members Stealth (simply returning a favor from Lapeer Dragway in '99 when he beat my '92 in his stock turbo Stealth).  It just so happened that every time I lined up it was against an AWD turbo car.  In each case I posted a better 60' than the competition which tells you a little about the track conditions (not good for any of us).  I must say that the '95 - '96 R/T TTs are capable of impressive stock 1/4 mile times due to the lighter vehicle weight and stronger 320hp engine complimented by the closer ratio six speed transaxle (engine & tranny standard on all 2nd gens, '94+).  A low 13 second timeslip could be had with a skilled driver near sea level with 70F ambients on a decent track.  I'll change my spark plugs and give it a try at Lapeer dragway later this year.

My '96

Rob Schoen and I in the staging lanes (picture courtesy of Rob).

A very nice day with ambient temps starting in the 60s and hitting comfortable low 70s for a majority of the day.  Strange to see so many imports in Detroit.  Met a few new owners and had a good time, just wish I was there with my '92!, maybe next year.




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